Reconciliation to God

As a community... We are committed to receiving God's grace revealed in Jesus, and embracing spiritual disciplines that awaken us to the abiding presence of God’s Spirit.

In the Bridgetown Community, we believe the Scriptures teach that Reconciliation to God begins with God. It is the Community of God’s love for humanity that led Christ to enter into history, enter into the world, and suffer for the rebellion of humanity; the sin of each of us that caused us to fall away from the presence and love of God. God’s desire is for individuals to be reconciled to the Community of God, and God’s eternal love, by Faith in the saving work of Jesus. It’s good news. It’s great news; that we can each, by grace, experience God's salvation!

Here are a few common practices to keep our relationship with the Community of God active and engaging:

  • - Praise and Worship
  • - Fasting and Prayer
  • - Practice of the Examen
  • - Lectio Divina

Bridgetown Ministries

  • - Community Group
  • - Leadership Training I


Reconciliation to Self
Reconciliation to Others
Reconciliation to Creation