About Us

About Us

To introduce people of all nationalities to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, guide them toward maturity within a community that passionately lives to be reconciled to God, self, one another, and creation, and equip them for a life of ministry in their family, community and the world.

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Reconciliation to God
We are committed to receiving God's grace revealed in Jesus, and embracing spiritual disciplines that awaken us to the abiding presence of God’s Spirit.

Reconciliation to Self
We are committed to walking in our new identity as children of God by living a shameless, fearless and free life.

Reconciliation to Others
We are committed to reflecting the Community of God by reconciling across the dividing walls of gender, race, and economic classes.

Reconciliation to Creation
We are committed to steward God's creation by caring for the earth and working toward justice in all spheres of society.